Admit One

by Joan Burch

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released November 28, 2015

Joan Burch - piano/vocals
Loren Barrigar - guitar
Tristan Greene - drums
Bernie Heveron - bass
Anthony LiButti - saxophone



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Joan Burch Rochester, New York

I started writing songs in 2007. I released, "Taking Flight", a CD of 13 original songs, in 2012. My first songs were written on keys. Then I expanded my performance style by learning to play the guitar. Inspired by the guitar's voice, I wrote some new songs. "Admit One", highlights some of those “guitar” songs. I continue to write and perform new songs - Nov. 2015. ... more

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Track Name: Morning Light
In the morning light,
When the shadows of the night, are gone.
And I hear a calling bird, calling.
To anyone who’ll listen.
It’s another day.
Find a better way.

When the evening comes,
And the day is done.
Then a hush is heard.
By the evening birds and they’re saying,
Life goes in a rush little bird.
Time is not enough in the world.

So, make every day.
Special in some way.
With your heart and soul.
See it, feel it, hear it, heal it, make it grow!

In the morning light.
When the morning comes.
Track Name: Up in the Air
Up in the air,
Looking down at you.
You couldn’t see where I was going to.
Like a balloon,
Soaring like a bird.
You cut the strings and released me,
with your words.

Now I’m floating, floating, floating,
higher than you.
Going, further, farther
than you wanted me to.
And the truth burns brighter,
than the false ego of one.

Sometimes you get
To hold on -
to a moment
in time – time.
But if you try, try to control it,
then you realize, you,
Have to,
Have to, let it go.

Now I’m floating, floating, floating,
Higher than you.
Going further, farther than
You wanted me to.
And the truth be told,
Your insecurities do unfold.

Up in the air,
Looking down at you.
You couldn’t see where I was going,
Going to.
Release me, Release Me, Release Me.
Track Name: Private Johnson
Two letters came,
Signed with his name.
Message was clear,
War is Hell.

Private Johnson’s, private letters.
No one knew it wasn’t gettin’ any better.
If we would have read the letters,
Johnson, didn’t have much time.

Things I’ve seen like a bad dream.
Captain’s Kong Killer, five foot tall.
Doesn’t look like a killer at all,
He’s so skinny and small.

My combat partner Riveras’, was killed.
A grenade exploded in his hand, but still,
They accounted for his clothes, more than for him.
Now I’m sleepin’ in the bed he laid in.

Chances in twelve months of me getting killed.
Same as the next forty civilian, God will.
If I make it out and I return,
Buy me a motorcycle, I can churn.

Did my duty, wasn’t for free.
Even though, all supplies were given to me.
There was a cost indeed.
Everything was lost, in those rice paddies.

Toughen up myself, get out the door.
Time for a round, of killin’ some more.
If you ask me, Private Maxwell Johnson,
That ain’t what I came here for.
Private Johnson’s, Private letters, no, it wasn‘t getting any better.
Track Name: Next Best Girl
She’s got curves in right places,
knobs to turn to.
A long neck, what the heck,
She’s Brazilian too.
And when you touch her,
She knows just what to do.
She’s your Next Best Girl.

Take her out on a whirl,
Even out on the town.
Oh, She likes getting round.
Yeah, likes getting round.
Bring a friend or two, even that’ll do.
Cause she plays around, even upside down.

VERSES 2 & 3:
Big on the bottom. big on the top.
Let’s you pull her strings,
Never says stop.
Happy to be in your arms again,
She’s your Next Best Girl.

And when the night’s over,
She’ll come home with you.
Sitting on a chair,
Just waiting for something to do.
She’s all of that, Brazilian too.
She’s your Next Best Girl.
Next Best Girl.
So, get yourself a guitar, Sir.
Track Name: Label Song
There’s a label on my table, there’s a label on my shoe.
And if you’re able, you might discover,
there’s a label stuck on you.
But that’s not the way, no, not the way.
You’ve got to go on from the inside.

Is that poochie, wearin’ Gucci?
Making him a better dog than you?
And does the label, create a fable,
Of a you, you’re sayin’ is you.
But that’s not the way, no, not the way.
You’ve got to go on from the inside.

So, I’m ripping off these labels.
I’m throwin’ them away.
I’m trying to discover, me along the way.
And what I’ll wear, is flowers in my hair.
And I’ll be going on the inside.

Let’s stop comparing what we’re wearin’
Caring what we are.
And if somebody’s different, then celebrate the gift they are.
Then we’ll wear, flowers in our hair.
And we’ll be going on the inside.
Track Name: Lady Jane
Lady Jane, Lady Jane.
All the colors, washed away.
Lady Jane, Lady Jane, nothing left to say.

But oh, you saw something there.
To paint, your picture clear.
When you looked, it disappeared. Oh, Lady Jane.

Lady Jane, Lady Jane.
There’s another point of view.
Lady Jane, Lady Jane.
Sometimes colors change their hue.

Lady Jane, Lady Jane.
There’ll be another day.
Lady Jane, Lady Jane.
Take your crayons, color the day.

Lady Jane, Lady Jane.
All the colors, wrap ‘round you.
Lady Jane, Lady Jane.
Life is multi-colored too.